ZENY 80-2 Electric Lab Desktop Medical Practice Centrifuge Machine

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CGOLDENWALL Upgraded 80-2 Electric Centrifuge Lab Medical Practice Timer 4000 RPM 20mlx12 CE Certificate  



  • UPGRADED MODEL: Upgraded from the 80-1 type, lighter weight with larger capacity, able to set working time, simple operation, easy to use.
  • The low speed centrifugal machine is widely used in laboratory of education, science and producing department for biology, medical and chemistry etc.
  • It is suitable for qualitative analysis of plasma, serum, urea in laboratories and biochemical laboratories, as well as auxiliary work for vaccine manufacturing.
  • Able to centrifuge 12pcs of tubes for one time.
  • Time Adjustable: can set the time with the range of 0-120min, or you could always keep the machine on. (Mechanical Time)
  • The motor will automatically stop supplying the power if the cover is open during working time.

Operating Steps


  • 1. Put the machine on a level and firm table, and keep the working room clean, dry and ventilated, the room temperature is 5-32℃.
  • 2. Clean the rotor and test tubes before operation.
  • 3. Put the test tubes (with the same weight) into the centrifuge hole.
  • 4. Put down the cover of the machine, adjust the timer as needed and turn on the power switch.
  • 5. Adjust the speed knob according to your requirements.
  • 6. After finishing the work, turn the speed knob to the lowest position and set the time to "0", then cut off the power.
  • 7. Clean the container and rotor, then put away.

Safety Attention


  • Please read the operational manual carefully before using the machine
  • Place empty centrifugal tube evenly before working, after working 1-2minutes at the maximum speed, then begin to work if there is no problem.
  • Do not touch the rotor or move machine while it is running.
  • Do not operate the machine if the rotor is not stably loaded.
  • Please ask the technician to solve the problem if the wire and the plug are damaged or the electric appliances are in trouble. It will cause quality problem if not using recommended appliances by the manufactured factory.

Trouble and Solution


  • 1. Does not work: check whether the connection of electric source aregood, or change the fuse if it burns down.
  • 2. Always in high speed: check whether the controllable knob is broken, change it if it is broken.
  • 3. Does not work when power on: check whether the wire inside comes off and the controllable SI burns down, change it if so.
  • 4. The rotor is lopsided while running: check and make sure that all the tubes are the same weight and the screws inside are tightened.

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