Iomed Companion 80™ Wireless Iontophoresis System

Iomed Companion 80™ Wireless Iontophoresis System

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Designed to deliver an 80 mA-minute dose over a 24 hour period.

System has an on-board battery and wireless system that allows patients to receive the benefits of iontophoresis while continuing their daily activities.

  • The Companion 80™ Wireless Drug Delivery System's design conforms well to treatment areas.
  • Extremely flexible and highly breathable.
  • The hypoallergenic adhesive is flexible and breathable, reducing skin irritation.
  • Battery has a long electrode life.
  • System includes (6) electrode, (6) saline vials and (6) alcohol preps.

Instructions included.

Companion 80™ Technical Specifications:
Approx. Fill Volume: 1.1 cc
Active Area: 6.45 cm2
Maximum Dosage: 80 mA-min
Conductive Element: Silver-Silver Chloride
Treatment Time: 24 hours
Voltage: 1.5 volts

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